visu06Plas@Par federates the leading plasma scientists in the Paris area, working in different scientific sectors, and thereby drives new synergies, stimulates the emergence of new ideas or large projects that requires collaborations and provides a unique pole to attract young scientists to plasma physics.

One of our ambition is to improve knowledge of fundamental phenomena occurring in plasmas, in the extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, magnetic or radiation. Another goal is to study the large scale processes found in the Universe at the laboratory scale, or to establish the bridge between the physics on small and large scales, for instance for reconnection, and particle acceleration. This will be achieved by theory, simulation, experiments and observations.

Sharing expertise and complementary approaches is essential to face the challenges of the next decade, including the training of the next generation of researchers to operate large facilities, interpret the data, and lead innovation in the industry. This represents a major challenge.

To reach our goal we organize various events, we focus on training and recruitment and stimulate further cross collaboration via jointly funded projects.

We provide funding:

  • PhD and Post-doctoral positions.
  • To invite international experts
  • To support equipment and innovative projects.