Development of High Pressure High Temperature Chamber (HPHT) for Study of Gas Discharges at high pressure and high gas temperatures

Project leader: Svetlana Starikovskaia (LPP)
Type of funding: Equipment (2013)

Very active engineering work, starting from development of technical drawings in the beginning of 2013 up to preliminary adjustment of the discharge cell (vacuum and heating tests) is going on.
The laboratory added to the Project work time of engineer (M.Ali Mahjoub) and electrical engineer (M. Herinay Jonathan Andriamijorosoa).
Additional man-power comes from participation of the 1st year PhD EDX student Sergey Shcherbanev. In the future, he will be doing the experimental work on this reactor.
Additional funds come partly from AOARD AFOSR Project on kinetics on discharges for applications in plasma-assisted combustion.
Figures below demonstrate the “state-of art” for the moment: figure1 represents developed experimental setup, and figure 2 demonstrates the discharge cell, developed and done. Two months are fixed now for adjustment of the discharge cell (vacuum and high pressure tests, heat tests), and next three months are fixed to develop the system of gas supply, to buy all the necessary elements and to compose the HPHT system together. We expect to have the first tests with the discharge during Autumn 2014.
The detailed table of expenses is attached to the Report. Please accept our sincere gratitude for a possibility to have this equipment.

Photo of the discharge cellStarikovskaia2

Fig.1. Photo of the discharge cell
Fig.2. Scheme of HPHT reactor