IDEX Sorbonne Universités Pour l’Enseignement et la Recherche (SUPER) / Séminaires Internationaux de Recherche de Sorbonne Universités

5-7 September 2017, Paris, UPMC Paris 6, Jussieu Campus

ECPEC1 – the 1st European Conference on Plasma Catalysis for CO2 Valorization and Green Chemistry wishes to gather experts from a range of connected fields (physics, chemistry, engineering) to jointly explore the emerging toping of plasma-catalyst coupling used for CO2 recycling.

Plasma intensification of CO2 valorization processes, such as CO2 hydrogenation and dry reforming of methane, can greatly contribute to the stabilization of CO2 concentration in our atmosphere through the production of synthetic fuels that will be involved in overall zero or near zero emission cycles. This alternative utilization of yet C-based fuels will play an important role in our transition to a 100% renewable future. Chemical and thermochemical CO2 valorization processes are hindered by very slow reaction kinetics. Catalysts are often used but, most of the time, they either are not enough, or their utilization is not feasible under real operation conditions. The use of plasmas in combination with a well-designed catalyst can turn this sluggish CO2 valorization processes feasible.

There is however a complete lack of knowledge about almost every aspect of this plasma-catalysis coupling. Research efforts will be then directed towards the understanding of CO2 plasmas, their interaction with solid catalytic surfaces, the formation of excited species and the fundamentals of the reaction mechanisms involved. Different plasmas and different catalysts are needed. Novel reactor concepts need to be found.

During this 2-day conference, a wide range of topics shall be addressed in order to better understand cutting edge research in Europe on different surrounding areas or CO2 valorization. Together, we shall analyse and discuss possible new paths for better understanding key physical and chemical processes that could help improve basic knowledge, technology transfer & training methods in this new and promising research area.


5 September 2017

10-13h Registration

13h45/14h00  Introduction and Welcome (UPMC/institutions)

14h30 Invited talk on climate change (to be confirmed) Why is it important to manage CO2 emissions

15h00 KIC Climate point of view (title coming soon)

15h30 Understanding the input and relaxation of vibrational energy in CO2 plasmas (T. Silva, IST, Univ. Lisboa, Portugal)

16h00 Coffee Break and poster session (Plasma physics, Chemistry and Catalysis)

16h.30 Modeling and experiments for CO2 conversion by plasma and plasma catalysis: an overview of the Antwerp activities (Prof A. Bogaerts, University of Antwerpen, Belgium)

17h00 Quenching radical control in plasma-catalytic processes (Prof. M. Magureanu, Prof V. I. Parvulescu, University of Bucharest, Romania)

17h30 Chemical utilization of CO2 over hydrotalcite-derived catalysts (Prof R. Debek, AGH University of Cracrow)

18h00 Diagnostics to record vibrational excitation in CO2 plasma (Prof. R. Engeln, TU,e, Eindoven, Nederlands)

18h30 Cocktail and poster session (Plasma physics, Chemistry and Catalysis)


6 September 2017

8h45 Plenary Lecture : Discovery and Design of Catalysts for Sustainable Technologies, (Prof. P. Ramirez, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

9h30 Plasmolysis for electrification of chemical industry (Prof G. J. Van Rooij , DIFFER, Nederlands)

10h00 Nanostructured catalysts for CO2 reforming and methanation (Prof M. V. Navarro, CSIC, Univ. Zaragoza, Spain)

10h30 Coffee Break and poster session (Plasma physics, Chemistry and Catalysis)

11h00 Plasma-catalytic activation of CO2 for the synthesis of fuels and chemicals (Prof X. Tu's group, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)

11h30 CO2 conversion be nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharge (Prof. P. Tosi, University of Trento, Italy)

12h00 Lunch and poster session (Plasma physics, Chemistry and Catalysis)

14h15 Measurements of electric fields induced by non-thermal plasmas on a dielectric target (Dr. A. Sobota, TU/e, Eindoven, Nederlands)

14h45 CO2 methanation over Ni-zeolite catalysts: a case study (Prof. C. Henriques, University of Lisbon, Portugal)

15h15 Mechanism of Low Pressure Plasma-Assisted CO2 Hydrogenation by Time-resolved FTIR Spectroscopy (Dr. F. Azzolina-Jury, Université de Caen, France)

15h45 Industrial point of view (Johnson-Matthey)

16h15 Coffee Break and poster session (Plasma physics, Chemistry and Catalysis)

16h45 LIF in nanosecond discharges (Luca Matteo Martin, University of Trento, Italy i)

17h05 Effect of frequency and power in plasma-based conversion of CO2 in a dielectric barrier discharge with core-shell spheres: material impact (H. Neda, University of Antwerpen, Belgium)

7 September 2017

9h00 Reviewer’s remark of first proposal (Dr. B. Van Doosselaere, European Office, UPMC, Sorbonne Universités)

9h30 Round table EJD/ITN

10h15 Coffee Break and poster session (Plasma physics, Chemistry and Catalysis)

11h00 Round table EJD/ITN, Open discussion and concluding remarks

13h End of the conference