Visitors 2019

Whistler energy transport
Visitor: T. Zaboronkova / Grant holder: C. Krafft, LPP

Faraday rotation in Cassini/RPWS observations
Visitor: U. Taubenschuss / Grant holder: L. Lamy, LESIA

X-ray emission from fixed-in-space molecules
Visitor: A. N. Grum-Grzhimailo / Grant holder: M. Simon, LCPMR

Magnetosphere of Young Stars
Visitor: M. Kozlova / Grant holders: C. Stehlé, LERMA / V. Cayatte, LUTH

High Field Plasmonics
Visitor: A. Macchi / Grant holder: C. Riconda, LULI

Quantum atomic populations
Visitor: V.S. Lisitsa / Grant holder: F. Rosmej, LULI

Quantum Kinetics in Dense Hot Plasmas
Visitor: Lisitsa & Demura, Kurchatov / Grant holder: F. Rosmej, LULI

Cold plasma coupled with iron-oxide/graphene
Visitor: S. Loganathan / Grant holder: A. Rousseau, LPP

Plasma generation within a 2-electron system
Visitor: M. Gisselbrecht / Grant holder: R. Taieb, LCPMR


Visitors 2018 (II)

Advancing Novel X-Ray Spectroscopic Methods for Diagnosing Relativistic Laser-Plasma Interactions
Visitor: E. Oks, Auburn University / Grant holder: E. Dalimier, LULI

Modulations of Galactic Cosmic Rays by solar wind transients at telluric planets of the solar system
Visitor: J. Guo, Kiel / Grant holder: M. Janvier & P. Demoulin, IAS & LESIA

Anomalous Heating in Magnetic Reconnection
Visitor: N. Loureiro, MIT / Grant holder: A. Ciardi, LERMA

Multi-electronic processes in ion-atom collisions involving initially excited projectile species
Visitor: J.M. Zouros, University of Crete / Grant holder: A. Dubois, LCPMR

Yale Rotational Evolutionary Code with Microdiffusion - YREC_MD
Visitor: M. Pinsonneault, Ohio state Uni / Grant holder: F. Delahaye, LERMA

Auger decays of doubly charged ions
Visitor: K. Soejima, Niigata University / Grant holder: P. Lablanquie, LCPMR

Quantum Kinetics in Dense Hot Plasmas
Visitor: Lisitsa & Demura, Kurchatov / Grant holder: F. Rosmej, LULI




Visitors 2018 (I)

Stark” spectral line broadening and shift in warm plasmas: Improvement of the calculation of the shift
Visitor: M. S. Dimitrijevic / Grant holder: S. Sahal-Bréchot, Lerma

Turbulence et génération d’ondes électromagnétiques lors des sursauts solaires de Type III
Visitor: A. Volokitin / Grant holder: C. Krafft, LPP

Investigation of turbulent sheaths
Visitor: E. Kilpua / Grant holder: D. Fontaine, LPP

Study of convergence of fluid and kinetic models in low température plasmas 
Visitor:  Z. Bonaventura / Grant holder: A. Bourdon, LPP


Visitors 2017 (II)

Ultrafast laser-induced structural transformations
Visitor: PD Dr. Robert E. Grisenti, D. Vernhet, INSP

Inner shell holes
Visitor: T. Kanuyasu / Grant holder: P. Lablanquie, LCPMR

Visitor: C. Pintassilgo / Grant holder: O. Guaitella, LPP


Visitors 2017 (I)

The problem of the magnetic field gradients in sunspots
Visitor: E. Landi Degl'Innocenti / Grant holder: V. Bommier, Lesia

Magnetic Reconnection in Ion Kinetic Regimes: Plasmoids and Energy Partition
Visitor: Nuno F. G. Loureiro, MIT / Grant holder: A. Ciardi, Lerma

Parametric instability of electromagnetic waves in a magnetized plasma with density ducts
Visitor: T. Zaboronkova / Grant holder: C. Krafft, LPP

Preparations for the FISIC experiment at SPIRAL2
Visitor: A. Gumberidze, GSI / Grant holder: E. Lamour, INSP


Visitors 2016 (II)

RIRE - Radio-frequency Ion and electron acceleRation using self-bias Effects
Visitor: S. Dudin / Grant Holder:A. Aanesland, LPP

Kinetic turbulence and magnetic reconnection in space plasmas
Visitor: D. O. Gómez  / Grant Holder: F. Sahraoui, LPP


Visitors 2016 (I)

Plasmas froids : PIC simulation for electric propulsion
Visitor: F. Taccogna / Grant Holder: A. Bourdon, LPP

Observational predictions of shocks
Visitor: A. Raga / Grant Holder: S. Cabrit, LERMA

Atomic collisions in extreme conditions
Visitor: A. Makhoute / Grant Holder: A. Dubois, LCPMR

VIOLINIST: Vibrationnal Kinetics in Molecular Plasma for an efficient green chemistry
Visitor: V. Guerra / Grant Holder: O. Guaitella, LPP


Visitors 2015 (II)

Beam kinetics in neutraliser-free plasma thrusters using advanced spectroscopic techniques
Visitor: J. Dedrick / Grant Holder: A. Aanesland, LPP

Energy storage by plasma recycling of CO2
Visitor: R. Engeln / Grant Holder: O. Guaitella, LPP

Studies of anisotropie plasma turbulence and nonlocal transport: Theoretical approaches in k-space and configuration space
Visitor: T. S. Hahm / Grant Holder: O. Gurcan, LPP

Are solar wind electrons heated by turbulence ?
Visitor: S. Landi / Grant Holder: F. Pantellini, LESIA

Visitors 2015 (I)

Langmuir turbulence generated by electron beams in solar wind plasmas with random density fluctuations: particle diffusion and acceleration processes
Visitor: A. Volokitin/ Grant Holder: C.Krafft, LPP

Energy levels in Iron group ions: Mn IV and Ni VII
Visitor: A. Ryabtsev / Grant Holder: L. Tchang Brillet, LERMA

Using Jupiter decameter radio emissions studies at ultrahigh temporal and spectral resolutions, preparation of a book and of supporting ground-based observations for the mission Juno
Visitor: V. Riabov/ Grant Holder: P. Zarka, LESIA

Opacities for shock experiments
Visitor: R. Rodriguez-Perez/ Grant Holder: C. Stehlé, LERMA

Using FLASH to model magnetized laser experiments
Visitor: P. Tzeferacos/ Grant Holder: T. Vinci, LULI


Visitors 2014 (II)

Visitor: Mark J Kushner / Grant Holder: J.P. Booth, LPP

Magnetic reconnection and dissipation in the turbulent solar wind
Visitor: David Sundkvist / Grant Holder: A. Retino, LPP


Visitors 2014 (I)

Interaction of Langmuir waves with electron beams in strongly inhomogeneous solar wind plasmas
Visitor: Alexander Volokitin / Grant Holder: C. Krafft, LPP

A 3D Spectroscopic analysis of the signatures of Accretion in Young Stellar Objects
Visitor: Ivan Hubeny / Grant Holder: C. Stehlé, LERMA

Interplay of radiative and nonradiative decay in multistep relaxation processes
Visitor: Maria Novella Piancastelli / Grant Holder: M. Simon, LCPMR

Towards atomic physics of Fast Ion – Slow Ion Collisions
Visitor: Alexandre Gumberidze / Grant Holder: E. Lamour, INSP

Differential rotation in experiments with magnetized plasma flows
Visitor: Sergey Lebedev / Grant Holder: A. Ciardi, LERMA


Visitors 2013

Inner-shell ionisation of positive ions
Visitor: Pr kenji Ito / Grant holder: P. Lablanquie, LCPMR

Spectroscopy properties of moderately charged ions of tungsten
Visitor: Dr. Alexander N. Ryabtsev / Grant Holder: L. Tchang-Brillet, LERMA

Radiation friction studies and energetic particle acceleration
Visitor: Dr. Andrea Macchi / Grant Holder: C. Riconda, LULI

“Stark” spectral line broadening in warm plasmas: stark-b database in the vamdc node
Visitor: Dr. Milan S. Dimitrijevic / Grant Holder: S. Sahal-Bréchot, LERMA

Electromagnetically-driven strong shocks : optical diagnostics and application to laboratory astrophysics
Visitor: Dr Francisco Suzuki-Vidal / Grant Holder: J. Larour, LPP