Laboratoire d'Etudes du Rayonnement et de la Matière en Astrophysique et Atmosphères

Director: Benoît Semelin
Location: Denfert Rochereau, Meudon, Jussieu
Keywords: Plasma Physics, Observations, Stellar Physics, High Energy Density Experiments, Laboratory Astrophysics, Spectroscopy, Atomic physics, Numerical Simulations.



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LERMA is an interdisciplinary laboratory, recognized nationally and internationally. Its approach combines observations, development of instrumentation (especially for high-resolution spectroscopy in the submillimetre/far-infrared band), laboratory experiments, numerical simulations, and theory. Its research is organized in 4 scientific clusters: Galaxies and cosmology, Interstellar medium and plasmas, Molecules in the universe, Instrumentation and remote sensing. The team involved in PLAS@PAR is part of the Interstellar medium and plasmas cluster.



Group Interstellar Medium and Plasmas, Contact: C. Stehlé

Location: Meudon & Paris

The team is part of the largest LERMA group, “Interstellar Medium and Plasmas”, led by T. Lebertre. Its research interests are at the interface between stellar and plasma physics, with applications ranging from the earliest stages of star formation (Young Stellar Objects) to the physics of stellar interiors, including a recognized expertise in atomic physics. The team’ expertise includes observations, simulations and experiments.

The group operates the 10-m VUV spectrograph of the Paris Observatory, and the researchers are users of various, large national and international facilities (telescopes, supercomputers, lasers, Z pinches).