Master Physics and Application at UPMC

This master offers a range of courses in physics within all its diversity and it encourages internship for:

  • Implementation in a research laboratory (to prepare a thesis)
  • Experience within the industry (career path)
  • Practice in teaching and education

The acquired knowledge within this master offers a wide opening to others disciplines where training in physics is appreciated: engineering, environmental and earth sciences, the astrophysical and life sciences etc.
Our Master offers the opportunity to apply in a variety of specialties on the Master 2 level.
The lectures in the M1 level are all given in French.

Grants for international internships

Outgoing mobility

We support the exchange of students at the international level. A number of yearly grants are allocated to students at the M1 master level, registered at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC). The internships are from mid-April to mid-July, and should last for 3 months. The project is carried out in a foreign laboratory with a close collaboration with the PLAS@PAR laboratory.

Incoming mobility 

Grants are also available to help students come to the Paris area to do an internship (M1 or M2) within one of PLAS@PAR's labs. This grant can cover travelling expenses as well as a part of the living expenses. Request needs to be made on behalf of a selected candidate by the scientist in charge of the internship.