Grants for international internships

We support the exchange of students at the international level. A number of yearly grants are allocated to students at the M2 master level. The internships are in the spring semester and lasts up to 6 months. The project is carried out in a foreign laboratory with a close collaboration with a Plas@Par laboratory.

These internships are financed with a grant of 436€/month when the student is in the French laboratory, and 1000€/month to support traveling expenses when the student is abroad. In case the student has already a financing by other funds, the LabEx will provide a supplement to reach a grant of 1000€/month.

It is a Plas@Par member that suggest these internships and the support of plas@par should appear in the description of the project under the auspices of the different masters.

Proposals :

  1. "Elementary collision processes relevant to relativistic plasmas"located in Darmstatd, (Germany); proposed by INSP, click here for the full proposal.
  2. "Kinetic simulations of laboratory astrophysics phenomena"located in Prague, (Czech Republic); proposed by LULI, click here for the full proposal.

To be continued!