Education in one of the pillars of PLAS@PAR


Photo credit: © UPMC-Pierre Kitmacher 

Every year, the Labex organizes multiple actions to promote plasma physics in education, at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels (hands-on activities, teaching programs, summer school, scolarships for French and International students…). PLAS@PAR also encourages and support new initiatives (for instance, the new hands-on experiment in Jussieu). 

This academic year, PLAS@PAR is going further and reaching a broader audience!

Plasmas represent 90% of the known matter, plasmas are everywhere from the sun to the stars, in lightnings, fire and even in neon lights: Plasma physics can be easily taught to school audiences. To reach this goal PLAS@PAR offered a 2-day training in December 2016 at UPMC to future professors from the "Master des Métiers de l'Enseignement, de l'Education et de la Formation (MEEF), parcours physique-chimie".

This training (in French) entitled « Les plasmas dans tous les leurs états ! » was accessible with a basic knowledge of physics and was a great occasion to give some simple key information and tips to allow teachers to talk about the 4th state of matter to their future students. 5 researchers collaborated to create this training and 9 future professors were participating.

The training was focused on 3 main activities:

  • Discussion & presentations about all types of plasmas
  • Hands-on experiments
  • Visits of facilities and experiments (in particular the SIMPA ion source from INSP, Institut des NanoSciences de Paris)

The full program is available here.

The initiative was a true success: trainees are now able to teach some key notions to hundreds of future school students.

The training will be renewed next year!

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