Sébastien Rassou did his PhD in 2015 at the CEA on numerical modeling (acceleration of electrons by laser wakefield). Then, thanks to PLAS@PAR, he worked as a post-doc at ONERA where his goal was to numerically model plasma discharges.

"To validate the code, we studied and modeled specific plasma discharges. First the "Umbrella discharge" is modeled. In this discharge, a supersonic flow propagates around a conical model and creates a shock wave. An electrode with a high potential creates the discharge along the shock wave. Next, nanosecond repetitive pulse (NRP) discharge is modeled. The NRP discharge is created between two pin electrodes and we modeled both the discharge phase and the post-discharge phase for a few hundred cycles. Our code has been able to model these discharges by combining the resolution of the flow with the resolution of the plasma kinetics in a reasonnable computation time."