Through his activities linked to the application of cold plasma to cure different types of cancer, PLAS@PAR is associated to the SIRIC “CURAMUS” (Cancer United Research Associating Medicine, University & Society ) programme, which has been recently funded jointly by INCa, INSERM and DGOS. CURAMUS is led by Pitié-Salpétrière, Saint-Antoine, Tenon & Trousseau hospitals gathering a world-leading task force in oncology.

CURAMUS involves research teams from Sorbonne University, Inserm and CNRS. This community is federated around the University Institute of Cancer, directed by Pr. S. Uzan, that connects clinicians and scientists, promotes multidisciplinary research and new teaching approaches, including the patients.

Besides the main research programs on multiple cancers, CURAMUS will develop new collaborations within this network by implementing ambitious translational “bed to bench and back to bed” research programs and by starting new transdisciplinary projects associating medical oncologists and researchers, as well as chemists for drug discovery, physicists for new diagnosis and therapeutic approaches, computer scientists for data-mining or social scientists and philosophers for medical humanities.

The integration of more basic research teams to the strong clinical and translational research forces will increment their scientific production and visibility.

Contacts: Marc Sanson ( Director of CURAMUS and Thierry Dufour, LPP ( for PLAS@PAR.