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Julien Fuchs is CNRS Research Director at the Laboratory for the Use of Intense Lasers (LULI) and teaches at Ecole Polytechnique.
An active member of the PLAS@PAR community, he was a laureate in 2013 of a project at the Institute of Applied Physics of Nizhny Novgorod, a laboratory on plasma phenomena in extreme astrophysical objects.

This year, he is the recipient of an ERC Advanced Grants, which targets high-level researchers recognized as leaders in their respective fields.

To elucidate the natural conditions necessary for the nucleosynthesis of very heavy elements found throughout the universe by recreating these conditions in the laboratory with new-generation ultraintense lasers. 

Principal Investigator:

Julien Fuchs, CNRS researcher at the LULI laboratory (CNRS / CEA / École Polytechnique / Sorbonne University).

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