PLASMA REFLECTION : a workshop presented at Centre Pompidou in April 2018

"A generative and interactive artwork that makes it possible for visitors to see their own reflection in the fourth state of matter: Plasma.
Plasma Reflection is designed like a distorting mirror which would turn the matter of those who are facing it.
On the other side of the mirror, matter is ionized. It is Plasma. The silhouettes of those who stand or move in front of Plasma Reflection are diffused in space and are subject to the turbulence generated by the magnetic field. The installation lives with people who interact with it."


Designed by Danny Rose Studio in collaboration with Andrea Ciardi
Cédric Péri, Lucia Frigola, Sergio Carrubba, Paola Ciucci
Original soundtrack by Narayana Minozzi
Video shooting by Pierre-Paul Giudicelli, Olivier Guérin, Cédric Péri
Video editing by Cédric Péri

Plasma Reflection has been realized within the program 2017-2018 "Arts et Sciences des plasmas : une expérience de la matière ionisée", a partnership between the Labex PLAS@PAR (Sorbonne University) and the Centre Pompidou.