ARTS AND SCIENCES OF PLASMAS: an experience of ionized matter is a program of artistic and scientific events.

Thanks to an unprecedented collaboration between the Labex PLAS@PAR, Sorbonne University and the Centre Pompidou, artists and scientists offered an immersion in the heart of the 4th state of matter, the plasma. Throughout the year 2017-2018, high school students, teachers and students had the opportunity to discover the links between arts and sciences, through a decompartmentalized experience around plasma, this state of matter present in 99% of the universe, but not yet enough known.

Here is a feedback in video of this immersive project in 5 acts!


NEW THIS YEAR: The Plasma Reflection, created by Danny Rose, is exhibited in Sorbonne University libraries:
- at the License Library (BDL - Bibliothèque des Licences) - Pierre and Marie Curie Campus - from November 26 to December 21, 2018
- at Clignancourt Library - from March 18 to April 12, 2019