Join the International Plasma Physics School in Vietnam! 

1-6 July, 2019 - Registration is closed


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PLAS@PAR is organizing a 5-day summer school in Vietnam! This school is targeting students at the master level looking to improve their knowledge of plasma physics, from astrophysical and natural plasmas to plasma applications.
Lectures, accommodation (hotel and restaurant) are free of charge.


The main objective is to introduce plasma physics in any state from Laboratory, to the distant universe. The school will select motivated students with a good background in physics or applied mathematics, to introduce them to the diversity of plasma physics. Hence the training covers various aspects of plasmas: astrophysical and natural plasmas, laboratory plasmas generated by lasers, electrical devices, ion beams, and also cold plasmas for industrial applications etc. 

Program director: Philippe Savoini

More information and registration here



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