Sharing knowledge with new generations

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Photo credit: Gaëtan Gauthier, LPP

2019 started under the sign of education, which is an important pillar within the PLAS@PAR community. The Labex regularly organizes actions at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels but also towards middle and high school audiences.

Through a 2-day training, once a year, we organize a workshop for future professors from the "Master des Métiers de l'Enseignement, de l'Education et de la Formation (MEEF), parcours physique-chimie" at Sorbonne University.

Because we think that plasma physics can be easily taught in school, our goal is to give some simple key information and tips to allow teachers to talk about the 4th state of matter in the classroom.

Training program (full program is available here – in French):

·       Discussion & presentations about all types of plasmas
·       Hands-on experiments
·       Visits of research facilities and experiments

This year 8 researchers from LERMA, INSP and LPP were involved and 5 future teachers were participating. New this year in this training:

·       We welcomed a group of 3 high school students that we met during the last National Science Day, asking for more information about plasma for their TPE exam (Baccalaureat).
·       3 science guides from Universience also participated in this training: a first step to start building new outreach collaborations and reach a broader audience in the future!