Propulseur Credit Thrustme3 Credit Thrustme

Ane Aanesland, researcher at LPP and former member of the PLAS@PAR steering committee has been awarded by the 2019 CNRS Innovation Medal, congratulations!

A new success for Thrustme the start-up founded in 2017 by Ane Aanesland and Dmytro Rafalskyi, specialized in the propulsion of miniaturized satellites with a main objective: to enable an economically and environmentally sustainable space industry. Both, they developed 2 major innovations to reduce the size of the thrusters used by satellites in low Earth orbit:

First, they imagined new ways of storing, processing and accelerating iodine, they have shown that this inexpensive ergol, could in solid form, replace xenon, a gas widely used for plasma propulsion systems. Secondly, they designed a unique technology that accelerates both positive ions and electrons, instead of having a different electrode to emit each type of particles.

Thrustme has benefited from PLAS@PAR support to initial scientific investigations at LPP just before its launch.

Photo credit: Thrustme