E. Slikboer Prix Pelat 2019 bis

Elmar Slikboer, researcher at LPP has been awarded by the 2019 René Pellat Prize from the SFP (Société Française de Physique, plasma division), congratulations!

This prize is awarded once a year to a young researcher or a young researcher who has done exemplary work in plasma physics (hot, cold, natural plasma) and is awarded this year to a co-supervised PhD student at LPP.

Elmar Slikboer worked on "Investigation of Plasma Surface Interactions using Mueller Polarimetry" with 3 laboratories to complete his thesis: a co-supervision of A. Sobota of Eindhoven University (TU / e), E. Garcia Caurel of LPICM and O. Guaitella of LPP (École Polytechnique).

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