We are happy to hear some good news from Aurélie Pertusot who will present her work at the exhibition Science Friction 2.0!

Aurélie Pertusot was one of the 4 artists selected in 2018 for the Micro-residency artists and scientists at the Radioastronomy station of Nançay (Observatoire de Paris) & presented her work at the exhibition Campus - Arts and plasma science: an experience of ionized matter, a collaboration between PLAS@PAR, Sorbonne University and the Centre Pompidou.

This residency was a unique opportunity to create links between artists and scientists and open new collaborations! The exhibtiion Science Friction 2.0 is a good example: Aurélie Pertusot will present the sound installation "une certaine musique des sphères", which is the result of a collaboration with Philippe Zarka, Director of Research at the CNRS (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris).

Dates: 07.11.19 - 20.12.19
Location: My monkey, 111 Rue Charles III, 54000 Nancy (fr)
Vernissage: 07.11.19, 18:30

We whish you a lot of success!

To know more about the exhibtiion: http://mymonkey.fr/wordpress/11161-2/