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PhD students recruited in 2016


Simon Bolanos
Study of magnetic reconnection dynamics using laser-produced B fields in plasmas (Download pdf)
Supervisors: J. Fuchs, LULI - R. Smets, LPP

Ana Sofia Morillo Candas
SYCAMORE - Surface reactivitY of moleCular plAsMas for CO2 REcycling (Download pdf)
Supervisors: O. Guaitella, LPP - V. Guerra, IST Lisbon

Abhyuday Chatterjee
Vacuum Ultraviolet Diagnostics of Discharges in O2 (Download pdf)
Supervisors: J.-P. Booth, LPP - L. Nahon, Synchrotron SOLEIL

Salvatore Colombo
Radiation magnetohydrodynamic models and spectral signatures of plasma flows accreting onto young stellar objects (Download pdf)
Supervisors: L. Ibgui & C. Stehlé, Lerma - S. Orlando, Palermo University

Manuel De Anda Villa
Time-resolved studies of the gold solid-liquid phase transition at the femtosecond timescale (Download pdf)
Supervisors: A. Levy & D. Vernhet, INSP

Jean-Baptiste Layly
Micro-discharges in confined media: fundamental processes and application to lightning interaction with matter (Download pdf)
Supervisors: F. Tholin, ONERA - A. Bourdon, LPP

Mélissa Menu
Rotating turbulent dynamos (Download pdf)
Supervisors: S. Galtier, LPP - L. Petitdemange, Lerma



PhD students recruited in 2015

Florian Condamine
X-ray spectroscopy on dense plasmas produced by 4th generation Light Sources (Download pdf)
Supervisor: F. Rosmej, LULI

Mehdi Khalal
Multiple Photoionization of metallic vapors: Auger decays in ions  (Download pdf)
Supervisor: P. Lablanquie, LCPMR

Corentin Louis
Comparative study of auroral processes of Saturn and Jupiter sampled in situ by Cassini and Juno missions (Download pdf)
Supervisors: P. Zarka, LESIA and L. Lamy, LESIA


PhD students recruited in 2014

Anna Grassi
Relativistic shocks in magnetized plasmas in the context of laboratory astrophysics (Download pdf)
Supervisor: C Riconda, LULI and A. Macchi, UNIPI

Meet with Anna and her project here.

Bruno Honnorat
Non thermal plasma for medical applications (Download pdf)
Supervisors: A. Rousseau, LPP

Meet with Bruno and his project here

Loic Nicolas
Streaming instability in low-energy cosmic rays (Download pdf)
Supervisor: R. Smets, LPP and A. Ciardi, LERMA

Meet with Loïc and his project here

Alessandra Puglisi
Spectroscopic study of silicon hydride molecular ions (Download pdf)
Supervisors: S. Carnatio, LCPMR and N. Sissourat, LCPMR

Meet with Alessandra and her project here


PhD students recruited in 2013

Marco Chiaramello
Study of short pulse amplification by Brillouin Backscattering in the strong coupling regime (Download pdf)
Supervisor: C Riconda, LULI

Meet with Marco and his project here

Mickaël Foucher
Dynamics of pulsed radiofrequency plasmas in simple halogen gases (Download pdf)
Supervisors: JP. Booth, LPP and P. Indelicato, LKB

Meet with Mickaël and his project here

Pascaline Grondein
Alternate acceleration of positive and negative ions for application in space propulsion (Download pdf)
Co-financed by ANR EPIC
Supervisor: A. Aanesland, LPP

Meet with Pascaline and here project here

Raj Laxmi Singh
Electromagnetically-launched strong shocks relevant for accretion shocks in astrophysics - experimental study and numerical approach (Download pdf)
Supervisors: J. Larour, LPP and C. Stehlé, LERMA

Meet with Raj and her project here