Connecting Industry, Research teams and Students

Journée industrie Fédération PLAS@PAR

Atelier à destination des étudiants du Master 2 PPF

Dates : 30 septembre (Amphi Charpak - entre les tours 22 et 23, au niveau Saint-Bernard) & 22 octobre 2020 (INSP, Tour 22-23, 3e étage, salle 317)


1er jour - 30 septembre 2020

- 9h - Accueil par Laurence Rezeau (directrice de la Fédération PLAS@PAR)

- 9h30 à 10h30 - Présentation : Le Transfert de Technologie, Satt Lutech (Timothée Labouret, Pierre Massenet, Xavier Fanton)

- 10h30 à 11h30 - Présentation : Capteurs ASIC - contexte scientifique - titre à venir, Fatima Mehrez (LPP)

- 11h30 à 12h30 - Atelier : étude de cas : marché, stratégie de maturation, propriété intellectuelle (partie 1), SATT Lutech (Timothée Labouret, Pierre Massenet, Xavier Fanton)

2e jour - 22 octobre 2020

- 9h à 11h : 

Accueil par Philippe Savoini (SU)

Atelier : étude de cas : marché, stratégie de maturation, propriété intellectuelle (partie 2)SATT Lutech 

- 11h à 12h15 - Présentation des groupes devant le jury composé de Timothée Labouret (SATT), Gilles Reymond (SATT), Maurice Tankeu (SATT), Olivia Leroy (SU), Philippe Savoini (SU)

- 12h15 à 12h30 - Résultats et clôture



7th PLAS@PAR Industry Days


Student workshop on Pierre et Marie Campus

Dates: October 2 (LPP, Tower 24-34, 5th floor, room 509) & November 19, 2019 (INSP, Tower 22-23, 3rd floor, room 317)


Provisional program 

First day - October 2

9h - Welcome coffee

9h30 - Scientific Case for a high efficiency X-ray spectrometer in the tender x-ray domain (2-5 keV), LCPMR (speaker: Marc Simon)

9h50 - The MOSARIX PLAS@PAR’s spectrometer, LCPMR (with Iyas Ismail)

10h15 - Visit of MOSARIX at LCPMR (speaker: Iyas Ismail)

11h - LCPMR's patent (with Iyas Ismail)

11h15 - Technology transfer (with SATT Lutech) 

12h - End of the session


Second day focused on the workshop - November 19

13h30 - Objectives of the workshop (SATT Lutech)

14h -  Project development (market, development strategy, intellectuel property) (SATT Lutech)

17h -  Pitch in front of a jury (Jury TBD)

18h - End of the session

6th PLAS@PAR Industry Days


Student workshop

Date: October 25, 2018

Location: Pierre et Marie Curie Campus, INSP, Tower 22-23, 3rd floor, room 317


9h - Welcome coffee

9h30 - Presentation of PIONEER, a brand new Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action on CO2 recycling granted by H2020 in 2018 on plasma-catalysis interaction - Speakers : Maria Elena Galvez-Parruca, IJLRA - Vasco Guerra, IPFN

10h - Student workshop with SATT Lutech

Presentation of the declaration of invention and questions


Project development (market, development strategy, intellectuel property) - 1/2

12h30 - Lunch

Project development (market, development strategy, intellectuel property) - 2/2

Pitch in front of a jury

18h - End of the session


PLAS@PAR industrial seminars 2018

Industrial seminars are organized for Master and PhD students interested in Plasma Physics and industrial applications. They are of course open to any member of the community. 2 seminars are scheduled in 2018.


Seminar n°1: Plasma physics at ONERA

Speaker: F. Péchereau

Date: November 15, 2018

Time: 10h-12h

Location: Pierre and Marie Curie Campus, Jussieu, Sorbonne University, Tower 24-34, 5th floor, room 509 (LPP/Lerma) 

Few words about ONERA

ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab, is a public research establishment whose goal is to perform fundamental and applied research to support the competitiveness and creativity of the European aerospace and defence industry. The research carried out at ONERA involves both fundamental activities for mid to long-term aerospace applications, and more applied activities, such as the design and manufacturing of prototypes (early warning radars, lightning monitoring network or satellite payload). Two teams are involved in PLAS@PAR, both part of the Physics, Instrumentation, Environment and Space Department.

logo onera

Seminar n°2: Plasma physics at Air Serenity

Speaker: J. Youssef

Date: November 22, 2018

Time: 10h-12h

Location:  Ecole Polytechnique, Route de Saclay, Palaiseau, Amphithéatre Poisson

Few words about Air Serenity

Air Serenity is an R & D company focusing on Air Quality through the destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and particulate matter (e.g. smoke, animal hairs).
Air Serenity has been founded by Joseph Youssef, after a PhD completed in the Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas at Ecole Polytechnique. The theme he addressed was about Air Quality in personal cars. The results were patented and enabled Joseph Youssef to further develop the Aurora technology.
Two technologies are combined in Aurora: highly specialized materials and cold plasma. Their combination enables the destruction of both chemical and biological pollutants. This unique, scientifically proven, and patented process destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other chemical pollutants. By mastering this process, Air Serenity endeavors to offer products with a tremendous positive impact on the quality of life of allergies or asthma sufferers.


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5th PLAS@PAR Industry Days, in partnership with BalticNet-PlasmaTech

November 15 : Research-Industry Conference

November 16 : Student workshop with SATT Lutech

Charpak Lecture Hall, Tower 22, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

Registration is now closed


Program of November 15: Research-Industry Conference

Download the program in pdf here

9h00 // Start of the day – Welcome coffee
9h30 // Introduction – Dr P.-Q. Elias, ONERA/PLAS@PAR
9h40 // BalticNet-PlasmaTech: overview and update on activities, Dr A. Schwock, BalticNet-PlasmaTech
10h10 // Probing mechanisms in low-temperature reactive gas plasmas: towards improved models of industrial plasma etching processes, Dr J.-P. Booth, Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas
10h40 // Thin functional films deposited by use of atmospheric pressure plasma, Dr S. Gerullis, INNOVENT

11h10 // Coffee break

11h30 // Plasma-catalytic processes for CO2 utilization, Dr E. Galvez Parruca, Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert 
12h00 // Plasma spray deposition of coatings, fibers, granules and particles for wide range of applications, Dr V. Valinčius & Dr M. Milieška, Plasma Processing Laboratory, Lithuanian Energy Institute
12h30 // Lightning strike effects on aircraft structures : experimental and theoretical approaches, Dr R. Sousa Martins, ONERA

13h00 // Lunch break – Poster session by researchers, companies & students

14h30 // From academic research to industry, student experience from PLAS@PAR: Dr M. Chiaramello, RTE - Réseau de Transport d'Electricité (PhD from LULI in 2016)
15h00 // How plasma/catalysis can open a wide range of opportunities? A comparison between CO2 conversion and indoor air treatment, Dr O. Guaitella, Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas
15h30 // Field report after almost twenty years of using low-temperature plasma technology, Dr B. Hansel, Envisolve - RAFFLENBEUL ANLAGENBAU GMBH

16h00 // Coffee break

16h30 // Plasma Health - Diagnostics and plasma characterisation in plasma medicine and agronomy, Dr T. Dufour, Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas
17h00 // Plasma coatings technology: new challenges for future developments, Dr W. Torsten, Impreglon
17h30 // Conclusion – Dr C. Stehlé, Director of PLAS@PAR
17h45 // End of Industry Day

Program of November 16: Student workshop with SATT Lutech

9h30 // Start of the day – Welcome coffee
10h00 // Introduction, presentation of the declaration of invention and questions

12h00 // Lunch break and brainstorming

13h00 // Project development (market, development strategy, intellectuel property)
17h00 // Pitch in front of a jury
18h30 // End of the day




4th PLAS@PAR Industry Day: Hot Plasmas & Diagnostics

October 21, 2016, Amphithéâtre Charpak / 4, Place Jussieu / 75005 Paris

Registration is now closed




  • 9h00 - Welcome coffee


  • 9h30 - Day’s introduction – UPMC Vice-Presidency for Research and Innovation
  • 9h40 - J. Fuchs (LULI) - Industrial partnerships and developments at LULI
  • 10h00 - O. Chalus (Thalès) - High peak power Laser and R&D progress at Thales Optronique SAS
  • 10h20 - F. Serres (LULI) - Uses & Diagnostic at LULI2000, prospects and future needs
  • 10h40 - C. Spindloe (SciTech) - Microtarget Fabrication – An Enabling Technology for High Power Laser Science


  • 11h00 - Coffee break


  • 11h20 - P. Hennequin (LPP) - Magnetic fusion plasmas: physics & technical challenges
  • 11h40 - I. Ismail (PLAS@PAR) - Overview of developments in diagnostics of the new spectrometer X developed by PLAS@PAR (INSP/LCPMR)
  • 12h00 - B. Wattelier (Phasics) - Industrial applications of scientific inputs for diagnostics of high power laser facilities
  • 12h20 - G. Dorival & J. Bainee (Optics Valley) - Business-Lab links in a cluster of competitiveness & Presentation of the student services
  • 12h50 - C. Stehlé (PLAS@PAR) - Morning’s conclusion


  • 13h00 - Lunch – Networking – Poster session


  • 14h00 - Student Workshop by SATT Lutech
    Boost your ideas and innovative technologies onto the market!
    Transfer to industry & startup: issues & methodology
  • 14h00-14h20 - Opening & presentation of Lutech methodology
  • 14h20-15h00 - What’s a transfer project?
  • 15h00-15h15 - Explanation of the workshop’s goal
  • 15h15-17h15 - Group work with Lutech coaches & project leaders
  • 17h15-18h15 - Presentation of group ideas and conclusions: transfer strategy & feedback from coaches


  • 18h30 - End of the day


Capture décran 2016 09 26 à 13.47.11






3rd Plas@Par Industry Day: Plasma Physics and Environment

December 10, 2015, LCPMR / 11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie / 75005 Paris


08h30 > Welcome and coffee 

09h00 > P. Indelicato, Vice-president for Research and Technology Transfer – UPMC
Introduction speech

09h15 > A. Schwock, Director of BalticNet 
Transferring knowledge of plasma technology from academia to the industry in Europe

09h45 > S. Starikovskaia, Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas – LPP
Nonequilibrium plasma for initiation of combustion under high-pressure conditions of internal combustion engines

10h05 > M. CazalensSAFRAN
Plasma assisted combustion at Safran

10h25 > E. Galvez-ParrucaInstitut Jean le Rond D’Alembert
Plasma catalytic hybrid processes for energy and environment

10h45 > Coffee Break

11h10 > L. Pontreau, IVEA Solution
Laser induced spectroscopy for environmental purposes

11h30 > O. Guaitella, Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas – LPP
How non-thermal plasma can play a role for CO2 recycling and green chemistry development

12h00 > D. Bretegnier, SATT Lutech, F. du Burk, LPL – Paris 13
Technology transfer: breaking the chicken & egg circle

12h30 > Buffet – Poster session

Discussion and networking

14h30 > G. Mautin, F. Travagli, The Cantillon
Start-up bootcamp! 
Workshop on entrepreneurship organized by Sorbonne Universities / PEPITE Paris Centre

18h00 > End of the day

BNPT-Logo2AirSerenity logo sIVEA largelogo safran

SU centre bichro QUADlogo-pepitedalembert lisse logo titre

The 3rd Plasapar Industry will be held on December 10 in Paris. We expect more than sixty Masters students, PhD students and Plas@Par scientists to attend this event, which this year will consist of a plenary session in the morning, followed by a poster session combined with a friendly buffet for lunch, and a workshop on entrepreuneurship for students in the afternoon.

This Industry Day has two goals:

  • The first goal is to show Master students and PhD students the applications of Plasma Physics in the economic world. The broad range of presentations from the industry and the Plasapar laboratories will testify of the diverse applications of plasma, regading the topic of environment. These applications can be found in large-scale companies, SMEs or startups.
  • A second goal is to bring together scientists of Plas@Par and experts from the industry, to strengthen existing collaborations and also possibly develop new ones. The different presentations and posters will support fruitful exchanges and help everyone to get to know each other.
Registration : please follow this link.

Capture decran 2015-11-20 a 09.22.26





2nd Plas@Par Industry day

Date and place:November 20, 2014, LCPMR 11 rue pierre et marie curie 75005 Paris.

The 2nd Plasapar Industry day was held on november 20th, in Paris. More than sixty Masters students, PhD students and plasapar scientists attended this event, which this year took the form of a plenary session in the morning, followed by a poster session combined with a friendly buffet.

The presentations were focused on the link between the plasma science and the industry, through examples of novel plasma applications, valorization or development done in close link with the industry. (cf. agenda below).

This industry day had two goals. The first goal was to show the masters’ students and Phd students the large field of applications of the plasma science in the economic world. The broad range of presentations from the industry and the Plasapar laboratories has testified of the diverse applications of the plasma, such as in the aerospace field, in medical sciences or the cosmetics industry, high-energy lasers, etc. These applications can be found in large-scale companies, or SME or startups. A second goal was to bring together scientists of PlasaPar, and experts from the industry, to strengthen existing collaborations and also possibly developing new ones. The different presentations and posters were the support for fruitful exchanges, helping the different attendants (plasapar scientist, students, industry experts) to get to know each other.

In summary, this industry day was intense, packed with information, and will hopefully enables renewed collaboration between the plasapar laboratories and the industry, around the plasmas


To download the program click here, presentations in red are doawloadable.
Paul Quentin Elias, ONERA: Presentation of Plas@Par
Julien Fuchs, LULI: Valorisation autour des lasers de puissance
Milan Maksimovic, LESIA: Instrumentation en physique des plasmas spatiaux et en radioastronomie spatiale au LESIA
Philippe Le Tourneur, SODERN: Peut-on convertir un tube neutronique en propulseur ionique ?
Antoine Rousseau, LPP: Plasmas pour la biologie
Mihaela Cirisan, Plasmabiotics: Solutions de décontamination par plasma
Svetlana Starikovskaya, LPP: Combustion assistée par plasma.
Kai Hencken, ABB: Plasma research for electric power distribution
Laurent Chemartin, ONERA: Foudre et nouveaux matériaux aéronautiques
Stephan Zurbach, SAFRAN: Propulsion spatiale, applications aéronautiques des plasmas

Posters session

Rafael Sousa-Martins, ONERA, «Étude expérimentale et théorique d'un plasma d'arc de foudre et son interaction avec un matériau aéronautique»
Felix Cannat, ONERA, «Propulseur électrique à résonance cyclotronique et tuyère magnétique»
Philippe Castera, ONERA, «Effet hydrodynamique de décharges de surface pour le contrôle d'écoulement»(to be confirmed)
Trévor Lafleur, LPP, «The alternate extraction and acceleration of positive and negative ions».
Zixian Jia, LPP, «Indoor air treatment by plasma technologies».
Mickael Foucher, LPP, «Inductively coupled plasmas in Cl2/O2 : measurement of atom and molecule densities by ultra broad band high sensitivity absorption spectroscopy.».
Sergey Shcherbanev, LPP, «Nanosecond discharges for plasma-assisted combustion: achievements and perspectives».
Uddhab Chaulagain, LERMA, «Laser driven radiative shocks at PALS laser facility».
Raj Laxmi Singh, LERMA, «Electromagnetic generation of strong shocks in a low pressure gas».
Dmytro Rafalskyi, LPP, «Proof-of-principle for a neutralizer-free gridded thruster "Neptune"».
End of the 2nd Plas@Par Industry day

1st Plas@Par Industry day

Date and place: November 14, 2013, LCPMR 11 rue pierre et marie curie 75005 Paris.
This event was co-sponsored by Plas@Par and UPMC.

The first «Industry» day of the Labex Plas@Par took place on November 2013’ 14th at the  LPCMR, Paris, and brought together over fifty participants. The purpose was to highlight the rich contacts established by the Labex with industry, be it through special partnerships, career opportunities for Ph.Ds, or via the creation of start-ups. The day was articulated around seminars, poster presentations and discussions. We note that masters and doctoral students were there in strength.

Presentations by representatives from industry alternated with those from academia. On the industry side, EXCICO presented the progress it has realized in laser excimers, PANTECHNIK its research in  ECR sources, ARTENUM its software development concerning the interaction between particles and satellites, ASTRIUM-EADS its research on the effects of lightning on hybrid materials, ALKO its work on the purification of internal air and PLASMABIOTICS its work on sterilization using plasmas. S. Dine, founder of the  SOLAYL start-up, retraced how a HiTech company is created.

On the side of academia, research partnerships or the use of devices made by industrial partners were emphasized: we note in particular the change in the wave forms in engraving or coating units (JP Booth-LPP), satellite environments (JC. Matéo Vélez-ONERA), X-ray spectroscopy (M. Trassinelli and D. Vernhet – INSP), problems related to space (PQ Elias-ONERA).


C. Stehlé, Directrice Plas@Par, LERMA, introduction to the Labex
H. Besaucèle, Directeur technique, EXCICO, «Discharge-pumped and X-ray pre-ionized High Energy Excimer laser for semiconductor manufacturing». Download presentation
JP. Booth, Directeur de Recherche, LPP, «Capacitive discharges with Tailored Voltage Waveforms (TVW) for plasma processing». Download presentation
B. Agnus, Responsable de Division Technique, PANTECHNIK, «Les sources ECR, un produit industriel».
M. Trassinelli, Chargé de Recherche / D. Vernhet, Directrice de Recherche, INSP, «Spectroscopie X: un diagnostique pour le plasma et les faisceaux d’ions très chargés d’une source ECR». Download presentation
J. Forest, Gérant, ARTENUM, «Développements numériques autour de SPIS pour l’interaction particules vaisseaux spatiaux». Download presentation
JC. Matéo Vélez, Ingénieur de recherches, ONERA, «Simulations SPIS: du caisson expérimental à la surface de la Lune».
J. Aspas-Puertolas, Ingénieur en compatibilité électromagnétique des systèmes, EADS, «Présentation des activités foudre chez Astrium-ST, effets directs sur matériaux hybrides pour l’éolien».
PQ. Elias, Ingénieur de recherches, ONERA, «Quelques problématiques plasmas liées à l’aérospatial».
S. Dine, Fondateur de SOLAYL, «De la physique des plasmas à la création d’entreprise».
B. Dong, chef du développement avancé, AL KO, «Non-thermal plasma in AL-KO air technology». Download presentation
D. Vinteler, Président, PLASMABIOTICS, «Utilisation d’un plasma d’azote pour la désinfection des dispositifs médicaux thermo sensibles».

Posters session

P. Grondein, thèse Plas@Par-ANR EPIC, LPP, «Parametric study of ion-ion plasma inside PEGASES gridded thruster»
M. Foucher, thèse Plas@Par, LPP, «Dynamics of pulsed radiofrequency plasmas in simple halogen gases»
C. Barakat, thèse CIFRE avec Alko, LPP, «Plasma driven catalysis for the abatement of VOC in indoor air treatment».
U. Chaulagain, thèse, LERMA,  «XUV characterization of laser driven Hypersonic Shocks».
A. Zaslavsky et al., LESIA, «In-situ detection of cosmic dust using radio instruments».
S. Stepanyan, thèse LPP, «Nanosecond discharge at high pressures as a tool for initiation of combustion».
Collaboration LPP – LOA, J. Larour, «Commutation électrique ultra-rapide et guidage de décharge longue par plasma filamentaire».