PLAS@PAR Young Researcher's day 2017

Meeting of young researchers in plasma physics

May 18, 2017

Paris-Sorbonne University - Lecture hall Quinet - 46 rue St Jacques, 75005 Paris





9h - Welcome coffee

1st session: Turbulence, instabilities and energy transport
Chair: B. Khiar (LERMA)

- 9h30 - Review n°1 / F. Sahraoui (LPP) - Space plasmas

- 9h50 - A. Grassi (LULI) - Weibel-mediated collisionless shock

- 10h10 - C. Louis (LESIA) - Detection of Jupiter Decametric emissions controlled by Europa and Ganymede

- 10h30 - L. Nicolas (LPP/LERMA) - Collisions in the streaming instability

10h50 - Coffee break

2nd session: Shocks & Magnetic reconnection
Chair: A. Nahuel (LPP)

- 11h15 - A. Alexandrova (LPP) - Magnetic reconnection in the Earth's magnetotail: some aspects of evolution and dynamics

- 11h35 - R. L. Singh (LERMA/LPP) - Strong radiative shocks relevant for stellar environments

- 11h55 - M. Drouin (PLAS@PAR) - PHARE project: a 3D and AMR hybrid PIC code devoted to space and laboratory plasmas

12h15 - Lunch and poster session

3rd session: Matter under extreme conditions
Chair: A. Sgattoni (LULI)

- 13h30 - Review n°2 / J. Fuchs (LULI) - Matter under extreme conditions

- 13h50 - M. Khalal (LCPMR) - 4D inner shell ionization of Xe+ ions and subsequent Auger decay

- 14h10 - M. De Anda Villa (INSP) - Ultrafast structural dynamics of metallic targets induced by IR femtosecond laser

4th session: Plasmas in molecular gases
Chair: R. Lucken (LPP)

- 14h30 - Review n°3 / P. Chabert (LPP) - Cold plasmas

- 14h50 - A. S. Morillo-Candas (LPP) - O atom kinetics in CO2 glow discharges

- 15h05 - J.-B. Layly (ONERA/LPP) - Micro-discharges in confined media: fundamental processes and application to lightning interaction with matter

15h20 - Coffee break

- 15h40 - A. Chatterjee (LPP) - Roles of Metastable states of O2 in oxygen plasma and diagnostics

- 16h00 - S. Zhang (LPP) - Character of a pin liquid anode DC discharge in open air

- 16h20 - A. Puglisi (LCPMR) - Ab-initio spectroscopic study of silicon hydride molecular ions

- 16h40 - B. Honnorat (LPP) - Non thermal plasma for medical applications

- 17h00 - V. Croes (LPP) - 2D simulation of Hall effect thrusters

17h30 - End of day


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