Post-doctoral fellows recruited in 2018

Debek Radoslaw
Controlled surface discharges for the miniaturization of plasma-catalytic reactors (MSURFCAT)
Supervisors: P.Q. Élias, ONERA & M.E. Galvez, IJLRA

Daniel Schury
Towards the study of ion‐ion collisions when the energy transfer is at its maximum
Supervisor: E. Lamour, INSP

Fabiola Magalhaes
Probing Saturn’s magnetosphere with auroral observations and comparative planetology
Supervisor: L. Lamy, LESIA


Post-doctoral fellows recruited in 2017


Krzysztof Barczynski
Formation, structure and feedback of 3D plasmoids in solar eruptions (download pdf)
Supervisors: S. Masson & G. Aulanier, LESIA

Javier Vaquero
Supervisor: T. Dufour, LPP & L. Fouassier, Saint-Antoine Research Center

Samuel Marini
Plasmonics in ultra-relativistic regime (download pdf)
Supervisors: C. Riconda, LULI & M. Raynaud-Brun, LSI

Nahuel Andres
Role of the compressible fluctuations at MHD and sub-ion scale turbulence in the terrestrial magnetosheath (download pdf)
Supervisor: F. Sarahoui, LPP

Tat Loon Chng
Physics and chemistry of high pressure pulsed discharges for triggering of chemically active systems (download pdf)
Supervisor: S. Starikovskaia, LPP &  D. O’Connell, York Plasma Institute


Post-doctoral fellows recruited in 2016

Zhang Shiqiang
Cold Atmospheric Plasmas for Carcinomas Elimination - CAP4CARE (download pdf)
Supervisor: T. Dufour, LPP

Andrea Verdini
Are turbulent structures in the solar wind 3D or 2D? (download pdf)
Supervisors: R. Grappin, LPP & O. Alexandrova, LESIA

Alexandra Alexandrova
The physics of magnetic reconnection at electron scales in near-Earth space plasmas (download pdf)
Supervisor: A. Retino, LPP


Post-doctoral fellows recruited in 2015

Andrew Gibson
Hybrid simulations of inductively-coupled plasmas in diatomic gases with vibrational state kinetics (download pdf)
Supervisors : J.-P. Booth, LPP and T. Gans, York Plasma Institute 

Andrea Sgattoni
Density fluctuations and their role in the instability development: from laser to heliophysics (download pdf)
Supervisors: C. Briand, LESIA and C. Riconda, LULI

Sébastien Rassou
Numerical simulations of nanosecond discharges in air (download pdf)
Supervisor: J. Labaune, ONERA

Zixian Jia
PLASMA PURE (download pdf)
Supervisor: A. Rousseau, LPP with AL-KO



Post-doctoral fellows recruited in 2014 

Katy Gandhous
Hierarchical three model approach to plasma turbulence in magnetized fusion and space plasmas (download pdf)
Supervisors : O. Gurcan, LPP and R. Grappin, LPP 

Adrian Stan
A multi-group radiation magnetohydrodynamics code for high energy density plasmas (download pdf)
Supervisors: A. Ciardi, LERMA
Meet with Adrian and his project here



Post-doctoral fellows recruited in 2013

Trevor Lafleur
Electrostatic probes in beam plasmas for space propulsion (download pdf)
Supervisors : A. Aanesland, LPP and PQ Elias, ONERA

Ilya Marinov
Plasma-Cell Interactions: Efficiency of Nanosecond Plasma in Melanoma Cells Treatment and kinetics of Reactive Oxygen Species (download pdf)
Supervisors: S. Starikovskaia, LPP and C. Dupuy, IGR
Meet with Ilya and his project here

Shiyong Huang
Turbulence cascade, intermittency and heating in the Solar Wind (download pdf)
Supervisors: F. Sahraoui, LPP and JF. Panis, LERMA