Progress in numerical simulations for plasmas: Methods and Results

Date and Place: March 27, 2014 at ENSPC, Paris

affiche journe plasmas-211x300An international  one day workshop devoted to «Progress in numerical simulations for plasmas : Methods and Results» was held the 27th of march 2014 in the amphithéâtre Chaudron at ENSCP in the center of Paris. The workshop was attended by 60 participants, with a number of presentations spanning across all the different numerical methods used to describe plasmas in its many applications, from astrophysics, to laboratory hot and cold plasmas. The workshop was very successful, the format of the presentations allowing time for questions and discussions, leading to interesting exchanges between researchers from different communities. In particular a real effort was performed in order to favor the interaction between researchers with a mathematical background, or more physical background. Numerical methods are one of the main topics for the labex Plas@Par  and the content of a work-package : advances in numerical simulations are thus one of the key themes of the labex. The presentations where given by  researchers directly involved with the labex or with the plasma community in UPMC,  as well as outsiders : the workshop started with presentations on the «macroscopic» description of plasmas and ended with  presentations on the «microscopic» description.  Some common themes appeared relevant for the plasma community, such as the optimal way to describe the many different spatial or temporal  scales involved in the description of plasmas, or the need  for fast solvers for some equations that are recurrent in the plasma description (such as for example for Poisson’s equation).
This conference was co-financed by the Labex  Plas@Par and UPMC.



P. CHABERT (LPP) Introduction
R. MEYRAND (LPP) : « Direct numerical simulations of EMHD turbulence with strong mean field : applications to solar wind turbulence »
A. CERFON (New York University) « Fast equilibrium solvers for magnetic fusion simulations »
P. HENNEBELLE (CEA) « Computational MHD for star formation »
T. AMARI (CPhT) « Large scale numerical MHD modeling in Solar-Terrestrial plasmas physics : static and dynamics ».
C. NEGULESCU (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse) « Asymptotic-Preserving Schemes for singularly-perturbed problems arising in plasma dynamics »
A. BOURDON (EM2C) « Fluid simulations for atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasmas »
P. MOREL (LPP) : "Numerical Simulation of Plasma Micro-Turbulence in Tokamaks (gyrokinetic)"
M. GONZALEZ (U. Paris Diderot, AIM) "Multigroup radiation hydrodynamics: M1 method and applications to radiative shocks"
L. IBGUI (LERMA) « Presentation of the generic 3D radiative transfer code IRIS:capabilities and further perspectives for plasma diagnostics »
M. SHERLOCK (Imperial College) : « Including the effects of ionization and radiation transport in particle-in-cell models for dense plasma heating experiments - the model and heating mechanisms »
M. GRECH (LULI) « SMILEI: Simulation Matter Irradiated by Light at Extreme Intensitites »
F. PANTELLINI (LESIA) « N-body simulations »