Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations spatiales

Director: P. Keckhut
Location: OVSQ, UPMC
Keywords: Space plasma physics, planetology, numerical simulations, heliosphere.

LATMOS is an interdisciplinary laboratory with a recognized expertise in physico-chemical processes governing terrestrial and planetary atmospheres ad their interface with the surface, the ocean, and the interplanetary environment. The laboratory has developed strong instrumental skills, built innovative instruments deployed from the ground to orbits of celestial bodies. Numerical modelling and data analysis approaches complete the competences applied to the different thematic.

Group Heliosphere, Planetary Exospheres, Plasmas and Interfaces (HEPPI) 

Team leaders: Francois Leblanc and Ronan Modolo
Location: Jussieu and Guyancourt

The activities of the group are based on instrumentation, the exploitation of space observations and numerical modeling/simulation of different objects of the solar system. The major challenges are to understand the dynamic of the external envelopes at the plasma-planet interfaces, conditioning the dynamics of escape of atmospheres which could have play a significant role during their evolutions, and the mechanisms of plasma acceleration/energization. The scientific thematic covered by the team are mainly: 1- solar system plasmas, 2- planetary envelopes, 3- heliosphere.

Collaboration: LPP, LESIA, (IRAP, LPC2E, LPG-Nantes, and several European and international laboratories)