Teaching commitment

Plas@Par researchers are involved in all the levels of teaching plasma physics, from the introductory courses given in Master 1 level or equivalent to a Bachelor level, to more specific courses in the Master 2 level. We organize an annual summer school to promote plasma physics at licence level. We also provide research training within the PhD and Post-doctoral grants. To engage students we provide international grants to selected candidates.

Discovering plasma physics - Bachelor's degree

Plas@Par organizes, every years , in August, a summer school with introductory courses on plasma physics. This school is free of charge.

Deepening knowledge - Master's degrees

Looking for a PhD or a Post-doc project?

Plas@Par also provides fellowships for PhD (3 years) and Postdoctoral research (1 year renewable).

The currently available positions are posted under Actions/Recruitment, and our past and/or ongoing projects can be found under Actions/Funded projects.

Plas@Par is also supporting other projects such as:

  • The Master's integration week (Visits of research facilities - Cadarache, Bordeaux, etc).
  • The new hands-on experiment dedicated to plasmas (for L3 & M1 students) was created in collaboration with INSP (Institut des NanoSciences de Paris), the experimental platform of the Physics Faculty @UPMC and the Cluster of Excellence PLAS@PAR. More information here.