Date and place: July 3, 2017 - Jussieu Campus, Meeting room 317, INSP, tower 22-23, 3rd floor

The goal of the meeting is to provide an informal platform for scientists to exchange ideas on magnetic reconnection.

During the meeting, ample time will be dedicated to discussions, and participants are encouraged to propose a topic or a question to animate the discussions.



09:25 Opening 

09:30 Miho Janvier IAS From observations of the sun’s atmosphere to MHD simulations: toward a standard model of eruptive flares

10:05 Jack Hare Imperial College Formation and Structure of a Current Sheet in Pulsed-Power Driven Magnetic Reconnection Experiments

10:40 Coffee 

11:00 Nicolas Aunai LPP Reconnection at the magnetopause

11:35 Roch Smets LPP Magnetic reconnection in HEDP: hybrid simulations & forthcoming LMJ/PETAL+ experiment

12:10 Discussions 

13:00 Lunch 

14:00 Nuno Loureiro MIT Reconnection in MHD turbulence

14:35 Benoit Lavraud Toulouse IRAP Magnetic reconnection in space: new results from MMS

15:10 Benoit Cerruti Grenoble Relativistic reconnection: Particle acceleration and astrophysical applications

15:45 Coffee 

16:00 Discussions 

17:00 Closing